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How to recognize the best quality coffee flavour syrup?

19 Jun 12
Becky Anderson
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Till not so long back the sole flavour we could add to the coffee was sugar. Not so any more. Coffee flavours are here with a bang and they add a brilliant new dimension to the coffee. Anyone who likes to drink coffee must have been told about coffee flavours or they have tried it at one of the coffee bars.

There are numerous flavours you can add to coffee. These are vanilla, black cherry, almond, coconut, chocolate for example. Etc. The list is very long. It started with the cafes, where they tried these flavours in cold and hot coffee. Now the coffee aficionados can buy the coffee flavours in the shape of syrup, which comes in a bottle. After making the coffee, you just have to add the K7 syrups to the coffee to taste your fave flavor.

The mix and density of flavor and sugar in the coffee syrup is called brix. A brix cost of 60 to 70 is believed to be the best quality. If the mix is more concentrated, the number gets higher as well. You can read this information on the label of the packing. Remember that, if the syrup has a high concentration, the price will be higher also.

You have got to avoid purchasing syrups that are sticky and thick. It might be the producer has added additional sweeteners to cover up a bad flavor. If you\’re not a heavy coffee drinker, then you should also void buying preservative free syrups. Preservative free syrup flavours don\’t have a long shelf life.

If you\’re unsure what flavours you should buy, you can try these first at a coffee shop. They will have the most favourite flavours in stock. When you have found the right flavor then you can go forward and buy what you like.

Apart from the coffee shops, you may buy coffee flavours from many online shops. Look round prior to purchasing any. It is a good idea to read some reviews about the coffee you are going to buy.

If you want to try some new things yourself, then you can put freshly ground coffee in a jar, along with vanilla sticks, cinnamon and spices or any other combination you like. Before you know it you are going to adore your own coffee.

You can also try K7 Sugar Free and K7 Organic Syrups.