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A Coffee Lover’s Confession

27 Jun 12
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Since I was a teenager, I’ve never drank coffee. Without knowing the benefits from coffee, I was thinking that coffee has several disadvantages in the body. Many said that it causes us to get nervous easily. I am diagnosed to having a heart problem and it just came into my mind that coffee could be harmful to my health.

I am used to drinking a cup of milk every morning, afternoon and then in the evening. As everyone knows, milk has a lot of advantages in the body of a human. However, I observed that when I drink milk, I often get sleepy easily. I had taken bachelor of nursing in college and this course requires students to study, study and study every single day. Moreover, if you’ll be going on a duty, you should keep yourself awake all the time. That’s when I started drinking coffee as it keeps us awake. Initially, I was thinking that coffee is delicious. However, I don’t believe that I am addicted to it. As soon as I started drinking coffee each night, It has been my daily routine that whenever I study, I should have a cup of coffee by my side.

I noticed something when it comes to my mood. I easily get irritated and nervous. It is the effect of the coffee that I drink daily. I started worrying about it. Then, I did some research on the benefits of coffee to somehow ease my mind. I’m glad with the information I’ve read. For those coffee addicts, It is good that you will know about this 11 health benefits from coffee by Annette Rozen:

1. Coffee is a high source of anti-oxidant
2. Coffee is rich in magnesium that helps magnesium deficient people
3. Coffee has anti-bacterial and anti-adhesive qualities
4. Coffee promotes digestion
5. Coffee improves athletic endurance and performance
6. Coffee decreases depression
7. Coffee decreases your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease
8. Coffee decreases your chance of developing colon cancer
9. Coffee offsets the damaging effects of smoking
10. Coffee treats asthma and headaches
11. Coffee reduces your chance of liver disease

Aside from the advantages we will get from coffee, experts have come up with an effective weight loss pill called weight loss supplement. Many have tried taking these pills and they love the effect. Say goodbye to the body fat you have! Thanks to the active ingredients that we can get from coffee!