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Use Your Mashed Potatoes with these Recipes

26 Jul 12
Chris Poty
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Potato Omelet- typically recognized as Tortilla Espaola in Spain exactly where you could trace its history. The traditional Spanish Omelets can be frequently offered in Mexican cuisines in which a number of versions of this dish came to exist. Potato omelet belongs to the finest main dishes often served for breakfast or brunch. It appears like a large, thick pancake, and is made essentially with four ingredients: mashed potatoes, eggs, salt and olive oil.

The omelet mixture is beaten hard and pan fried in olive oil. You will find a wide variety of ingredients that may effectively blend with potato omelet. These include green, white-colored, or red onions, tomatoes, green peppers, chorizo, ham, sausage, pepperoni, black beans and many more. You could possibly also try a different way which is better to prepare this omelet- baking.

Potato Cake/Patties – A Potato cake, occasionally named potato pancake, could be the kind of potato meal you may serve flexibly as something you wish it to be- whether as a main dish, a side dish, or as a sweet treat. Potato cakes are normally made of shredded or mashed potatoes, and are combined with flour, eggs, and also a little dose of cream. In some cases yummy vegetables, such as corn or cream corn, go incredibly good with them. The mixture is combined thoroughly and portions of it are pan fried with butter.

This high-calorie dish may nicely compliment your sausages and ham for that nutritious dinner meal. If you prefer the sweet dessert version of potato cakes, you could use sweet potatoes as an alternative to the other potato kind. Simply include shredded or mashed sweet potatoes in a chocolate recipe or virtually any cake recipe you would wish to try, and assume to obtain the same mouth watering potato cakes, but healthier ones along with the addition of sweet potatoes.

Potato Pie – Lots of practical cooks, housewives, and moms have been faced with every now and then the problem of not figuring out what to make for desserts. And potatoes indeed saved them through these circumstances. Utilizing left over mashed potatoes is a superb solution to make a affordable but delicious and pleasing dessert in a form of a Holiday cottage pie as well as a Shepherd\’s pie. You just combine russets or sweet mashed potatoes with cream, sugar, and spices. You can include cheese, bacons, garlic, and onions to mashed potatoes to create a wonderful and rich pie filling.

The author loves potato dishes and is fond of using leftover mashed potatoes. He has a website that includes recipes that uses mashed potatoes as the main ingredient. Interested? Click this article or visit The Versatile Mashed Potato in Recipes to find out more.