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A DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine Brief Review

20 Aug 12
Paul Robertson
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Having that perfect cup of coffee need not require you to step foot in the cafe. There\’s the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine which may be installed in the kitchen. It has a sleek look to it, with impressive features and an affordable price tag. Now you just have to switch it on to have a refreshing cup of your favorite beverage.

It has a body which doesn\’t take up a lot of space, measuring 11.61 x 9.06 x 11.02 inches (H x W x D). It\’s specifically made to be a short machine so that you can have trouble-free access to the cup warmer above. Keeping the kitchen free of accidents is the guard rails around it. The dominant material on the casing is stainless steel, ensuring that it will stay rust-free and stellar for years to come. The design is simple enough to keep intimidation at bay, even during the first usage.

Apart from the casing, another part made out of stainless steel is the boiler. The use of such material ensures the product\’s durability. Furthermore, it helps prevent each cup you make from having a metallic taste to it.

Within is a 44-ounce capacity water tank. Evidently, it\’s not one of the biggest in the market these days as some can even accommodate over a hundred ounces of water. That is why the product is more ideal for home use instead of in an office setup. However, making up for this capacity shortage is the priming system that gets rid long start-up times. You\’ll be thankful for this feature, especially when you are running late during weekday mornings. Brewing a cup or two shouldn\’t cause much delay as it will take the machine about 25 to 26 seconds to do its job.

Although very compact, the filter it uses is flexible. Its original design enables you to use either coffee grounds or E. S. E. (easy serving espresso) pods. Using the latter helps you create a refreshing beverage minus all the complications. But regardless of which one you like to use, this kitchen helper can accommodate it.

There\’s the maximum pump pressure amounting to 15 bars (actual pressure used: 8 to 9 bars). Thermostats amount to two, regulated independently from each another. Getting that perfect temperature is easy with the water and steam pressure controlled individually. To keep the item free of eyesore spots and stains, a drip-free design lends a hand.

You can come up with a flawless cappuccino, latte or any other rich and creamy drink without taking lessons from your favorite cafe\’s attendant. It\’s because of the patented frother system that may be adjusted to suit your needs. The integrated wand perfectly mixes milk and steam. However, frothing and brewing may not be carried out simultaneously.

Compared to others out there in the market, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is more affordable. Although a few weak points may be observed, the wonderful features around are enough to let you create the best coffee in the world. Your pocket need not end up with a massive hole for wanting an invigorating cup each time.

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