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The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Makes Coffee Time At Home Perfect

20 Sep 12
Paul Robertson
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Whenever you feel the need for a refreshing cup of exquisite coffee, rushing to the local cafe seems to be the only solution. Having a quality espresso machine in the kitchen spares you from this chore each time a caffeine fix is needed. For so many years, the Rancilio Silvia has been gracing the homes of so many coffee lovers across the planet.

It\’s not as hefty as the ones used in a commercial setting. However, it\’s bound to meet and even exceed expectations. You can tell right away that it is a performer just by taking a look at the modern-looking stainless steel casing. The design is simple enough to be easy on the eyes. Each serving can be enjoyed well if you are spared from complicated operation.

Modern styling will definitely make it the focal point of your kitchen. Elegant and shiny, it will go well with the rest of the appliances and decors in the area. Because of the machine\’s compact body, it won\’t take up a lot of counter top surface. It\’s suitable to be placed close to the sink or water source for trouble-free cleanup and refilling of the tank.

Having your favorite refreshing beverage may be done as soon as the product is out of its box. Because a water tank is used, plumbing attachment is no longer necessary. You don\’t have to commission a plumber or let your handyman side take action. Simply pressing the power switch primes the espresso machine to give you a freshly-brewed coffee in no time.

The front panel is free of clutter, proudly sporting the name and logo of its maker. Having such, you know that it\’s going to last for a long time. The brand was introduced in Italy way back in 1927. Since then, plenty of model series were introduced. These days, so many consumers worldwide put their trust in the company, in particular coffee lovers.

Aside from the excellent appearance, there are impressive things within it too. Rivals commonly rely on aluminum boilers. However, this one prefers brass as the material for many positive reasons. This metal allows for a more consistent temperature even with continued use of the machine. Also, it doesn\’t lose heat as quickly as aluminum. You will be glad for this kind of boiler because you\’re spared from the metallic taste, letting you enjoy pure coffee goodness.

One of the secrets to making a great cup of espresso is the force of hot water driven through the coffee grounds. The higher the force, the better the extraction is. You\’ll be glad to know that this machine is capable of using up to 15 bars. Such feature makes a serving of your favorite beverage come really close to what the cafe offers.

Chrome plated steam wand enables you to add froth like a pro. It also comes in handy if you like heating a cup of water for your tea or Americano. The Rancilio Silvia espresso machine has a spacious surface on top of it for warming up cups. Evidently, a perfect coffee experience at home is made possible each time because of all the features around.

When you want to search for top quality coffee machines, read about the models of the rancilio silvia on the World Wide Web. You can find out more information on Rancilio Silvia coffee machine products for their high performance and durability features.