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Dominican Republic Achieves Highest Coffee Exports in 14 Years

04 Oct 12
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Santo Domingo, Oct 4 Coffee exports from the Dominican Republic for the year 2011-2012 increased to $ 30.4 million USD, the best revenue since 1998.

dominican coffee exports
This information was confirmed today by the executive director of the Dominican Coffee Council, Fausto Burgos, after the 2011-2012 period finished on Sunday.

During 2011-2012the country sent abroad over 133,000 pounds of coffee, which exceeds the previous figure by 16 per cent, Burgos said.

He said that in the past eight years coffee exports grew by 95 percent and the annual average stood at 110 million pounds.

He also stressed that about 30 percent of green coffee exported is produced by organizations of small and medium farmers, which shows their growing involvement in international business.

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