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The rookies look of a good cappuccino maker

19 Apr 12
Robert Spicer

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Nothing can be matched against the sheer bliss of awakening in the morning, feeling dewy fresh, listening to the twittering of birds (not net twitter, mind you) and having a mug of fresh brewed hot coffee at an undisturbed leisure! Nothing, absolutely nothing can come closer to this joy. You may be the richest person on earth, but if you are not blessed with this type of contentment, you don't know exactly what you are missing!

I for one can't give up my first cup of joy for anything in this world and all slimming trends can be put away. My first cup of coffee must have creamy milk, correct amount of sugar, rich-smelling decoction, all in a large-sized mug. I don't believe strongly in compromises where a cup of aromatic coffee is concerned. Only true coffee lovers will recommend my standpoint.

For many years \”until about two years back -, I relied on the traditional stainless-steel filter for my coffee. Honestly, I hadn't even heard about domestic cappuccino maker. I had always thought only cafes and diners used cappuccino makers for commercial coffee. I had tasted frothy cappuccino several times though and had greatly liked the taste.

After giving up my devoted stainless steel coffee filter, I had switched over to electric coffee maker that was quite dependable. I could make not less than 6 cups of good-flavored coffee at any point of time. I did face Problems when there was no electricity or the inverter went out of order.

Recently, my sister presented me with a nice looking Italian cappuccino maker and was not I satisfied? I couldn't believe she had paid less than $100 for it. The better part was, I could use it on any cooking medium and I didn't have to depend on electricity. It's a three-part device with a strong handle and takes just a few minutes to offer you creamy, frothy and super hot cappuccino. Water is added at the bottom chamber, which on boiling mixes with the ground seeds at the center and the fresh brewed decoction mixes with the creamy milk at the very top to give you creamy, hot cappuccino!

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