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Delightful Kona Peaberry Coffee is Pleasantly Fragrant

22 Apr 12
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Enjoying the perfect cup of coffee is almost every coffee lover’s dream. Kona Peaberry coffee can provide that delicious cup satisfaction guaranteed. Due to the perfect combination of sun and rain, elevation and location, Kona, Hawaii is famous for growing this perfect bean. It is a very dark and rich bean that is shipped all over the world.

Not every bag of coffee marked “Hawaiian” is made from the Peaberry coffee bean. To ensure that you are getting this perfect bean it must say “Kona Peaberry” coffee on the label. Only coffee grown within a small area of Kona, that is only one mile wide and 30 miles long, can be graded “prime” and labeled “Kona Peaberry Coffee.”

Because Kona Peaberry coffee has a lower acid content than other beans it brews a smoother tasting cup of coffee. This rare bean is unusual due to its cylinder shape, producing one bean instead of two, and makes up only five percent of the coffee crop. Some believe that because of its differences it yields a darker and stronger but smoother bean.

When coffee is prepared in a French Press coffee it produces a concentrated yet very smooth and rich tasting coffee. You can imagine how the combination of Kona Peaberry coffee, which is already great tasting, and brewing it in the French Press coffee pot would kick it up a notch and make a more intense flavored cup of coffee. One sip of this rare coffee will spoil you for any other.

When purchasing a package of Kona Peaberry Coffee inspect the ingredient label carefully. It can only be called that if it is 100% Kona Peaberry Coffee. It may say that it is a “Kona” blend. That could mean that it is part Hawaiian coffee, possibly grown in other areas, and a small part Kona Peaberry Coffee.

The only truly satisfying cup of coffee will be Kona Peaberry coffee, if you are willing to pay a little more.