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Coffee and Your Bad Luck

16 May 12
Betty White

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One thing coffee drinkers have noted for decades is that coffee astringency can vary widely from coffee to coffee. There could be over 1000 different chemicals present in coffee, and about 50 of them are acidic. Many of those compounds are reduced significantly during the brewing process, but some kinds of coffee (e.g. Light roasts) have higher degrees of acidic compounds.

Caffeine itself is acidic, as is chlorogenic acid, an inherent acid in the coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid is broken down into two other sorts of acid during the brewing process. Coffee also contains citric acid and malic acid. These acids all have an impact on the flavor of the coffee, giving different roasts a different degree of sourness.

The high acidity level in coffee nevertheless , can carry with it negative health consequences. Acid itself is harmful to the lining of the stomach. Usually, we have got a layer of mucus that lines the gut to stop this from occuring. With unrestrained acid secretion , however , this layer can get eaten away, leading to stomach ulcers.

Not only is astringency implicit in coffee, but the chemicals in coffee (like caffeine) cause emission of stomach acid. This mixed effect of the acidity of coffee and the acidity of the gut can work to severely irritate stomach ulcers. This is one of the reasons coffee is often linked with stomach issues.

One of the customs of unscrambling this issue is to cut back on the amount of coffee one consumes. D- caffeinated coffee nevertheless , isn't the best answer as it contains lots of the acidic chemicals found in regular coffee. Using a coffee substitute or slowly eliminating coffee altogether is a better option.

The acidity of coffee is one more reason which explains why many individuals are opting to limit their amount of coffee consumption. This appears to be a logical health choice for plenty of us, it\’s just a case of making the resolution.

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