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The Good The Bad And Turkish Coffee

24 Jun 12
Dean Vincent
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Since the beginning of the Turkish empire and up until this date coffee has played an important part in Turkish lifestyle and culture. There is an enormous consumption of coffee within istanbul compared to many other international cities. Coffee has been effective on traditional customs, cultural and social interactions.

This is customary even for Turkish companies in their meeting rooms would generally offer a Turkish coffee to their visitors. In the mid 1500s Coffee had been first distributed by Syrian traders. At the times of the Ottoman court Coffee given during special occasions. In sacred places on Harem women would receive coffee during intensive training.

Both politically and social interaction coffee is of great cultural importance. Women socialised with one another during coffee and sweets this started since the Ottoman era. Turkish coffee houses provide a scene of socialising and as a meeting place for people to interact.

In today society Turkish coffee houses serve their role in society for both the culture enabled citizen and the passionate traveller. There are many new and vibrant cafes in the heart of Istanbul where friends and family can meet over a traditional Turkish coffee. Another thing to note is that coffee in general has so many health benefits and its full of antioxidants.

The name for a Turkish coffee when served hot is called a Cervze. The traditional approach is that the cup is turned upside down when the coffee is finished. Typically this is a custom after consumption by placing the saucer upside down.

Many would find that coffee is usually served with less ceremony like it was in ancient times. More practical materials have been used instead of the carved wood and silver jewellery.

Family occasions and a Turkish wedding coffee is given to welcome guests and its part of everyday culture.

\’To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees forty years of friendship\’ is the famous saying in Turkey. This represents mutual respect and that person will be remembered for a very long time. Actually more people living in Turkey consume more instant coffee everyday that makes up their coffee drinking habits.

Whenever going to a Turkish restaurant it is suggested to enjoy your visit further do try a traditional coffee. It is nice to have during a meal or afterwards and even goes well during dessert. Some of the best Turkish restaurants found in London will serve such premium quality coffee and if you get nice little Turkish delight dessert then you have enjoyed your time at a Turkish restaurant.

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