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Bravilor Filter Coffee Machines

01 Jun 12
Michael Harf
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Bravilor has long been renowned as the number one and most trusted supplier of filter coffee machines

Bravilor Bonamat is a leading organisation in developing, manufacturing and selling professional beverage preparation systems emphasizing equipment for hot beverages such as coffee and tea. Bravilor Bonamat has been an authority in the field of filter coffee systems for more than sixty years and

With an extensive range of filter equipment, innovative instant and fresh brew machines, machines for hot and cold water and various accessories Bravilor Bonamat offers the right beverage preparation system for every location and situation.

The head office is located in The Netherlands, where you will also find our production facility. Worldwide sales (over 80 countries) takes place via eight European affiliated offices and through a widespread but selective distribution network. Bravilor Bonamat develops and produces for third parties as well.

The Bravilor Novo is one of the most popular filter coffee machines in the Bravilor range and in the world in general. The Bravilor novo features a unique heat adjusting hot plate design which prevents the coffee from cooking and burning whilst still keeping it hot thus avoiding that terrible bitter coffee taste of the last few cups in the pot

With the Novo and Iso from Bravilor Bonamat you can quickly brew the desired amount of fresh filter coffee. The machines feature a manual filling system for sites where connection to the water mains is unavailable, so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at anytime and anywhere.

The Bravilor Novo allows the user to brew two pots immediately after each other and produces a whole pot of coffee in under 5 minutes. The machine can thus produce 18 litres in 1 hour which makes it the quickest filter machine on the market as well

Filter coffee lovers can\’t consider another filter coffee machines other than Bravilor if they are serious about taste, reliability, speed and all round pure quality. We like to offer free trials of our Bravilor machines so you can prove to yourself that these machines really are as good as we say.

Find out why Bravilor are the top Filter Coffee Machines on the market. Check here for free reprint license: Bravilor Filter Coffee Machines.

Home Coffee Machine Buyers Guide

10 Apr 12
Michael Harf

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The first thing to think about is what coffee drinks do you wish to create with your coffee machine. Do you want only an espresso machine or do you want your coffee machine to make everything from Americanos to Cappuccinos.

Cappuccino/Latte —- Capsule, Automatic Bean-2-Cup Automatic machines are best for the milk based speciality coffee drinks. You can\’t beat them for ease of use and simplicity. Having said that, capsule machines will still do the job just not as easily

Espresso —- Capsule Machine Capsule Machines are ideal for espressos. They produce a beautiful thick crema espresso with tons of flavour. The flavour extraction from a high quality capsule machine is over better than most automatic machines and the preservation method used ensures that the body and aroma are not lost even if you store your capsule for a long time.

Cappuccino/Latte —- Capsule, Automatic Bean-2-Cup If you love your cappuccinos and lattes and other fancy milk drinks than a bean-to-cup machine is probably your best choice as they provide the simplest means of obtaining a milk-coffee drink. Stay away from automatic machines with plastic milk containers built into them as these turn sour very quickly.

Where are you based? Where you are located has a lot to do with which coffee machine to choose. If you are in Gauteng then getting capsules is a breeze as they are delivered free of charge to your home or office but if you are in the Bundus it might be a little trickier. That\’s not to say you can\’t get your capsules if you live in Timbuktu but you will have to factor in extra courier costs.

Ahhh, as always unfortunately we don\’t all have bottomless pockets so you will have to factor in your limit. As a general rule, coffee machines fall into the following price brackets

The most expensive is not always necessarily the best. For example a R20,000 coffee machine does exactly the same as a R12000 coffee machine but it has a touch screen. If a touch screen is not something which is not important to you then go ahead and save yourself a lot of money. Choose something with features which are important to you.

Now it\’s not to say \’that the best is always the most expensive it just most likely has one or two extra features. For example a R22,000 coffee machine does exactly the same as a R12000 coffee machine but it has a touch screen. If touch screen technology is not something which is not important to you then go ahead and save yourself R10,000.00. Call us or email us to ask us about different models features and functions.

As with everything Quality and Brand is hugely important. Rather go for a coffee machine specialist brand as opposed to choosing a general appliance manufacturer who makes washing machines, toasters AND coffee machines.

Finally ask the company that you wish to buy the coffee machine from about their service guarantee and call out charge if any. This is always important when buying a coffee machine which you have paid a lot of money for.

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