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Domincan Coffee Makes A Name For Itself

02 Jan 11
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Dominican Coffee is a wonderfully rich-flavored and dark roasted coffee. The pride and joy of the Dominicans.  Most have their coffee black/ negro in a small cup with lots of sugar/ azucar. Try coffee with milk/cafe con leche. Coffee with lots of boiled milk/    medio pollo  . Or American Coffee/ Cafe Americana this is espresso coffee served with hot water to thin it out.

Annual Dominican coffee production has dropped  from around 1.2 million quintales to 700,000 quintales. Exports generate annual revenues of approximately $50 million, though that figure is difficult to verify.

Quality, however, doesn’t seem to be a problem. Rodriguez claims that the chairman of a large specialty coffee association has said that Dominican coffee is much better than Jamaica’s Blue Mountain? – which retails for upwards of $90 a pound in Tokyo.

“Prices have improved because now everybody wants coffee. Exporters want high-quality coffee to export, and local companies need coffee for the local market,”  she said, noting that around 80% of Dominican coffee stays in the country – translating into the seventh-highest level of internal demand among the world?s coffee-producing countries.

Robust Dominican Coffee

In January 2003, Codocafe inaugurated a five-year, 17 million-euro project funded by the French government. In Spanish or English, its title is a mouthful: Proyecto de Mejoramiento de la Calidad del Cafe Dominicano y Promocion de Cafes Especiales (project to improve the quality of Dominican coffee and promotion of specialty coffees).