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Dominican Republic Achieves Highest Coffee Exports in 14 Years

04 Oct 12
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Santo Domingo, Oct 4 Coffee exports from the Dominican Republic for the year 2011-2012 increased to $ 30.4 million USD, the best revenue since 1998.

dominican coffee exports
This information was confirmed today by the executive director of the Dominican Coffee Council, Fausto Burgos, after the 2011-2012 period finished on Sunday.

During 2011-2012the country sent abroad over 133,000 pounds of coffee, which exceeds the previous figure by 16 per cent, Burgos said.

He said that in the past eight years coffee exports grew by 95 percent and the annual average stood at 110 million pounds.

He also stressed that about 30 percent of green coffee exported is produced by organizations of small and medium farmers, which shows their growing involvement in international business.

Original article here:  http://www.plenglish.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=574941&Itemid=1

All Inclusive Resorts – Sunscape The Seaside Punta Cana

29 Sep 12
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Sunscape The Seaside Punta Cana is located around the north east coast on the Dominican Republic & 50 minutes from Punta Cana airport. With one in the finest oceanfront location around the Caribbean island and protected by a coral reef, the all-inclusive Punta Cana Rentals The Seashore Punta Cana provides the perfect escape to turquoise blue water, white sand, and a forest of palm trees. For friends, families, and couples – the place for outstanding scenery, tranquility and hospitality is right here.

This amazing new all inclusive has everything on site for your perfect holiday, from a 24hr room service with selected menu to movies shown on a full-sized screen right to the seashore! A Lazy River swimming pool meanders through the whole property – perfect for an inner-tube ride and is divided from the free-form pool by a waterfall. The spa & Fitness Center at Sunscape Seaside will pamper, relax and renew providing a wonderful retreat, large sun terraces and gardens, towel-service for the pool and beach, daily entertainment with a variety of both land and water activities; fully supervised children activities at the Explorer’s Kids Club with game room, television, kitchenette, live stage and nap area, children’s pool; outdoor theatre with nightly entertainment including live shows and theme parties around the seaside; disco, weekly Managers’ cocktail party; four soft surface lighted tennis courts, tennis clinics, water sports center to the Punta Cana property rentals , diving center around the seashore and Jacuzzi; bank/exchange office, tour desk and concierge service. Shuttle to casino at Secrets Excellence with drinks included. The Seashore Punta Cana all inclusive resort is non-stop fun for everyone!

The resort offers a wide selection of 616 luxurious air-conditioned guest rooms in 9 connecting 3-storey buildings. A majority of your rooms provide full views of your Caribbean Sea and the most magnificent scenery in the Dominican Republic. A number of magnificent Deluxe and Honeymoon guest rooms and suites offer private Jacuzzis or swim-out pool access. All suites and guest rooms offer superior amenities including 2 queens or 1 king size bed, and fully equipped bathroom with hairdryer. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, 25″ satellite TV with remote control, direct Punta Cana land for sale , in room safety deposit box (free of charge), mini-bar, and coffee makers.

Finding the Finest Gourmet Coffee Beans

27 Sep 12
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Gourmet coffee beans are almost exclusively high-quality mild varieties of the coffee bean Arabica. Arabica coffees are known for their full body flavors and low acidity. However, the term gourmet coffee has also come to embrace coffees that are enhanced with flavorings during the roasting process.

Where you get your gourmet coffee beans depends a lot on what you are considering gourmet. Are you looking for gourmet flavored coffee beans or gourmet coffee beans that are grown in a specific region such as the Kona beans of Hawaii.

You can purchase gourmet coffee beans at your local grocery retailer. However, you cannot be assured of their freshness or their authenticity. Any company can label a product as gourmet and you might not know the difference until you have already spent your money on an inferior product. Additionally, they most likely won’t carry the higher end gourmet beans.

Local coffee shops are more likely to carry authentic gourmet coffee beans that are fresh. They are staking their business’ reputation on any product they carry and sell. This alone is reason enough to trust their product.  In addition, they are usually able to procure a larger variety of gourmet coffees than a typical retailer. They most likely will take special orders as well.

Picking a Gourmet Coffee Bean

If you are going to buy a gourmet coffee bean you should know ahead of time what kind of bean you want to buy. To help you make your decision, based on the beans growing location and expected flavors, you can choose from among these gourmet coffee beans:

Brazilian coffee beans: Typically these coffee beans are consistent but unremarkable in their characteristic. These coffee beans make a wonderful base for coffee blends.

Colombia: Everyone has heard the commercials with Juan Valdez and his Columbia n coffee; however, what they don’t tell you is the best Colombia coffee is the Supremo and the Excelso.Colombia also has a Colombian Medellin that is very rich with a full body and slight acidity. Aged Vintage Colombian coffees are very sweet, thick and rich with a little bit of acidity.

If you like full bodied coffees with that are strong and sharply acidic then you should try gourmet coffee beans from Costa Rica. Another area that has a full bodied coffee that is rich in flavor has a wonderful aroma and a slightly acidic taste is Mexico.

Panama coffee beans are noted for being full-bodied with a mild flavor and a sharp acidity.

Two of the most excellent coffee beans are from Hawaii’s Kona area and Jamaica’s Blue Mountain area coffee growers. Kona coffee beans have a hint of spice and sweetness with a full body a rich flavor. The Blue Mountain gourmet beans are considered top of the line coffee beans with their full body, slight acidity and smooth mellow flavor.

Gourmet coffee from the Dominican Republic is rich with a moderate acidity. You should look for coffee beans specifically from Santo Domingo or Barahona.

In Guatemala and El Salvador you should look for beans grown in the mountains or high areas. These tend to have the best body and a mild flavor. Those from El Salvador tend to have a medium level of acidity while those from Guatemala have a higher acidity level with a spicy, smoky characteristic.

Java Island, whose name is synonymous with coffee, offers gourmet Arabica beans that are spicy with a heavy body and mild acidity.

The best quality Arabica beans in the Asia/Indonesia area are from Sumatra. Sumatra coffees are wonderfully full-bodied, rich with a mellow taste that is low in acid.

Gourmet coffees can come from around the world or from your local coffee shop. Gourmet coffee can be grown in specific locations that lend to its taste, as with Kona coffee beans, or it can be made into a gourmet coffee through the addition of flavorings during the roasting process. Either way, coffee enthusiasts know when they are being served a gourmet coffee; it’s all in the taste.

-Sharon V Chapman

Comparing Starbucks and At Home Brewing with One Cup Coffee Makers

26 Sep 12
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The Starbucks coffee brand has become something of a flagship for corporate coffee everywhere. Occasionally you’ll still see the odd family owned coffee shop on a corner somewhere, and if you live in a big enough city you might see a few of them near universities or downtown, but for the most part our coffee comes from places like Starbucks, Tullys, or Seattle’s Best (which happens to be owned by Starbucks now). The coffee is the same almost anywhere you go, and for that reason, the consistency of their product makes them a perfect stop for someone unwilling to take a risk on their morning caffeine.

There are of course other methods of getting that morning boost. You can always brew your own cup of Joe first thing and take it with you to work. But, many people are turned off by the prospect of the extra time spent brewing and work spent cleaning the mess up. If you’re a single cup kind of person, there’s no need to worry about that extra clean up and maneuvering. There are single cup coffee makers on the market that will brew up exactly as much as you need quickly, saving you the time and money of having to go to Starbucks or one of its many rivals or subsidiaries.

Starbucks is as consistent as they come. They use the same coffee in every store everywhere you go. You get the same cup of coffee almost every time, unless your Barista is entirely incompetent. Those machines are big and expensive for a reason; they’re mostly automated. At home, you can choose whatever variations you want. If you want to try something different every couple of weeks, you’re more than able to, and the difference in cost is negligible because a bag of ground coffee at $12.99 is still less than you’d spend in a week at Starbucks and it will last you much longer with your single cup brewing method.

Convenience is a factor too. You walk in, tell them what you want – no matter how odd or complicated – and they’ll put it together for you. It’s perfect for the non-fat, soy, single pump, half decaf crowd, but if you just want a little caffeine to wake you up, why go to that trouble? You can put your cup in and press start and in less than five minutes, while showering even, have your coffee ready for the morning commute.

The difference between Starbucks and at home brew is similar to going out to eat and cooking at home. If you cook at home you’re left the liberty to experiment and make the portions and variations you want. Menus aren’t so forgiving (or cheap). However there’s always the chance that something could go wrong with your cooking. With a coffee maker, it’s almost assuredly not going to go wrong. It’s too simple to go wrong.

Ninth Organic Coffee Festival in the cool mountains of Barahona

28 Jul 12
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The Ninth Organic Coffee Festival will be held in the beautiful mountainous southwest region of Polo, in the province of Barahona, during October 27-28.

The festival promotes the preservation of the local environment and the organic production of coffee in the Dominican Republic. Participants include farmers, artists, community organizations and private companies.

All kinds of cultural events take place around the festival, such as art exhibits, eco-tourism tours, lectures and coffee tastings.

dominican coffee festival

Dominican Coffee Festival

The Dominican Republic’s organic agricultural sector has gained worldwide recognition.

Known locally as the “Festicafé,’ the festival is organized by the Permanent Cultural Committee of this southwest community, coffee co-ops, the Dominican Network of Local Cultures and 30 local and national organizations.

The Dominican Republic exports annually some US$200 million in organic products such as coffee, mango, lemons, coconut, avocado, winter vegetables, cantaloupe, cocoa and bananas. Some of the most important export products are cocoa, representing exports of US$110 million annually, bananas (US$64 million), and organic coffee (approximately US$20 million).

Honeymoon in tobago

05 Jun 12
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[yt-video id=”f-RyNJJSmA4″ width=”480″ height=”385″]
Mtss is a short video of we on Honeymoon in tobago in 2005. Because the our Hotel has transformed names to Barcello Peurto Plata. We did outings including Equine riding, Sea world. mount Isabella the Torres. Go to the Amber and Larimar industrial facilities. I would suggest tobago to anybody who wanted an incredible experience.

Senate Session 2011-02-14 (18:10:09-19:14:05)

10 May 12
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[yt-video id=”FbOr1hcbXJI” width=”480″ height=”385″]
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NAS-&quotAffirmative Action&quot(Reside In Toronto Apr/17/2007)

08 May 12
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[yt-video id=”0xW9csatxlw” width=”480″ height=”385″]
NAS-&quotAffirmative Action&quot(Reside In Toronto Apr/17/2007)Shot By: GRIZ Around The GRIND

Grinding Coffee in Dominican Republic

27 Apr 12
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[yt-video id=”lgP3NAby-7E” width=”480″ height=”385″]
Maria grinding coffee in DR with the aid of some men at bavaro Runners.

Tanya Roberts Crazy Love &amplifier Friendship Mike Botta-Live Courageous-Chris Shining,Executive Producer

23 Apr 12
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[yt-video id=”3HbZ8na0U2o” width=”480″ height=”385″]
Her husband of twenty five years passed away from illness, she was there for him and it has overcome the grief and built a brand new existence. Mike Botta: I requested the secret of lifetime love (2 yrs before)… And also you stated your guy at that time adores you… Tanya Roberts: My guy died 18 several weeks ago after twenty five years of the beautiful marriage, I was raised with him, and that he did adore me, I admired him, which&#39s what goes on, I&#39m lucky to possess had twenty five years of crazy love and friendship. SB: How have you cope with the discomfort? TR: Basically didn&#39t pull myself together I wouldn&#39t happen to be effective in keeping him alive and take proper care of him, that&#39s that which you do. It&#39s Nothing heroic you simply get it done. You don&#39t need to see your beloved totally messed up.. and also you manage. I really like you. world wide web.imdb.me/livefearless IMDB.COM: http://world wide web.imdb.com/title/nm0000617/bio Tanya Roberts originated from modest origins within the Bronx, New You are able to, the daughter of the pen salesperson (Irish) along with a mother (Jewish) who have been divorced before she arrived at senior high school. Tanya dropped from senior high school at 15, marry and hitchhiked round the country until her mother-in-law had the wedding annulled. She met psychology student Craig Roberts in New You are able to while browsing line to determine a film. A couple of several weeks later, she suggested to him inside a subway station, plus they were married. .. Beautiful love story. Privately hope. Live existence using the type of love that lasts. The reminiscences, the hopes, the dreams. Never failing to remember, especially On the sad day whenever we&#39ve lost a existence-changing talent, someone who affected our way of life for the generation: Whitney Houston has died @sambotta despite today&#39s news of her Comeback on X Factor, Simon Cowell, Entertainment News world wide web.imdb.me/livefearless